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Name:due South Recs Redux
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Welcome to Due South Recs Redux! This is a rec challenge community, and new reccers are always welcome! Please remember that our members may swing either Ray, both or none at all. Our focus is on the squee, and the community is open to all.

How does this work?

Anyone can post on this community, anytime. Any Due South fic, any pairing, any rating, any type, is welcome!

When you're ready to post, first thing is the subject line. The subject line should be the title(s) of the fic(s) you're reccing, separated by commas. You can use the coding below to format your recs. For "why I'm reccing this fic," just tell us why you liked the story and why people should read it. A brief excerpt of the story is entirely optional, but if you do it, it should be under a cut (which is in the coding). If you choose not to, just take that part of the coding out. It's that simple!

How awesome is the DS fandom?

It's the best fandom EVER!

This community was founded by brooklinegirl and justbreathe80 and is currently maintained by ifreet and dessert_first. Wanna be a guest reccer? Volunteer anytime you like in this post. And thank you all very kindly!
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